Animal Communication

It is possible to communicate with animals – and because I had to work so hard to learn this skill, I’ve become quite adept at helping others learn the art of animal communication. So we have several offerings.

  • You can book a 30 minute animal communication session for your animal. Cost is $65 and can be paid by PayPal, e-transfer, check or Visa/MasterCard. Simply book a time with me (text 506-260-6213 or email
  • You can book an email session. Cost is $50. Simply send a photo along with a list of questions and I will get back so you as soon as I can fit it into my schedule.
  • You can learn to communicate with animals yourself by taking our Animal Communication class. Check out our calendar to see when we are offering this and to learn more about the class. And I will travel to teach this class for 7-10 students if I can fit it into my schedule. It is taught indoors, and animals are not needed, just a DVD player and TV and space with a table so people can write.
  • Our Animal Communication course will soon be released on Amazon. Sign up for our newsletter on the first page of our website to be notified when it is available.

How did Animal Communication come about at Hidden Brook Farm?

In our deeper, level 2 Horse clinics, we noticed that most people can hear the horses at the end of the first day. Because some people simply wish to hear the animals and are unable to attend the full Level 2 Horse workshop, we have developed a simpler one day class to teach animal communication (and dowsing).

The class has proven to be a resounding success -with most of the participants to date being able to communicate with and even more importantly – hear their animal friends upon completion of this magical and fun day. The key to animal communication is becoming still, learning to enter the heart space and then gaining confidence with what you hear. Scientists including Dr. Jane Goodall are recognizing that not only are animals communicating with us – but they understand everything we say, think and feel. And they are now proving it with astounding results in scientifically conducted experiments.

Animal communication has occurred for millenia across cultures. But in our culture and generation, we have lost this skill. Come and learn how to hear the animals again. It is well worth the time spent!

If this speaks to you – we hope you will decide to join us for this fun and fact filled day. Email or text 506-260-6213 to register.

Payment can be made by cash, check, email transfer, Visa/MasterCard or with PayPal. Receipts are available. And you MAY want to bring along an extra $20 for dowsing rods – as you will be taught to dowse as a way of verifying your communication results.

I speak of my journey to hear the animals in the article published in the Reiki News magazine’s fall 2013 issue. Read it here.

Reiki News Cover click here for the article Horses That Heal

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