Autism and Gentle Lessons

After studying Dr. Temple Grandin’s fascinating work on the functioning of autistic and horse’s brains and the similarity between them we begin to understand why horses can have such a very positive impact on autistic students. And at Hidden Brook Farm, we wanted to give back to these special individuals who have so much to teach us and who are able to bond so quickly with the horses. We have found that autistic students who were unable to or had difficulty forming human connections have very quickly been able to learn this skill upon forming a connection with the horse. The beautiful and gentle horses at Hidden Brook Farm also work with Reiki energies and Hidden Brook Farm staff are able to communicate with horses. When the positive integration of autistic students and horses combines with Reiki energies and animal communication, the result is simply magical! Autistic students have lowered their stress reactions, and improved their abilities to fit into society with their peers, they have learned new skills, improved muscle tone and posture and generally just have a great time in a supportive learning environment. Hidden Brook Farm owner, Pam Allen LeBlanc is a certified CANTRA therapeutic riding instructor as is her assistant, Linda Groeger. And though we ride in the arena during the winter months, students, parents and sidewalkers LOVE to get outside on the trails with the children in the warmer months with terrific results. An article was recently published in the Internationally circulated “Reiki News Magazine” about our program. If you are interested, you can read about it here: Reiki Horses Autistic Children

We currently have space available in our lesson Friday at 6:00pm. A weekly commitment is required, but new students simply pay the weekly lesson fee for 2-3 weeks to determine whether the program works for them before committing to the space. We do find students on the autism spectrum don’t settle into the lesson until the third week. Once we determine it is a fit and commit to the program a once per year insurance fee of $30 is due.

The attached liability form must be completed and brought to the first lesson: Equestrian Activities Waiver and Release of Liability.

If you’d like to try this lesson, contact to reserve your spot!

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