DSC_0975Hidden Brook Farm clinics and classes are available throughout the year at the Farm. And many of the clinics or classes can easily travel to other locations if Pam’s schedule permits. Please simply add the cost of travel to the cost of the clinic and check the minimum number of participants needed to hold each one. The Holistic Day, Level 1 Clinic, Animal Communication clinic and Fear clinic all travel particularly well. As do the Reiki classes. And for a level 1 clinic – providing I have good footing, I can even provide a round pen for the join up portion. For more detailed descriptions of our clinics – please see our calendar or click on the link below. Here is a list of our commonly offered and upcoming clinics and training events:

1/2 day clinics (these clinics travel well)

  • Fear Workshop – 1-5pm – cost $55 – this is for fear of anything – not just horses… (minimum 7)
  • Holistic Day – 1-5pm – cost $55 –introduction to Horse body language, Animal Communication, Horse Energy fields and using Essential Oils with horses (minimum 10)
  • Animal Communication – 10am-5pm – cost $120 (minimum 10)
  • Centered Riding Clinic 2pm-5pm Saturdays – cost $55 (minimum 7)
  • Dowsing Day (2pm-5pm) Saturdays – cost $55 (minimum 7)

1-2 day clinics that really change things! (the level 1 clinic can be offered anyplace there is a round pen, good footing and more than 6 horses participating; and the animal communication clinic is conducted indoors, no animals needed)

  • Level 1 Horse Clinic – from 10am-5pm – cost to attend $100 with a horse; $35 to audit HBF weekly lesson students attend for no fee. This clinic is experiential for participants who will learn to do a join up with their horses, and then how to desensitize them and to do groundwork to establish a much better working relationship with any horse at any level of training.
  • Level 2 Tao of Equus Horse Clinic – from 1pm-6pm Saturday and 9am-5pm Sunday. Cost $250 can attend with your own horse, but no horse necessary to attend – HBF horses enjoy participating in this clinic when they can. If using a HBF horse, you do not have to have attended a level 1 clinic prior to attending this level 2 clinic. This clinic covers emotional intelligence and emotional healing and spiritual connection by way of the horse and is deeply healing and life changing for the participants. You will never look at horses in the same way afterward. No horse experience is needed for those who wish to experience healing and learning through the deep connection horses can help us achieve.
  • Level 3 Horse Clinic – from 1pm-6pm Saturday and 6:30am-4pm Sunday! (Camping at the farm is encouraged) Cost $300 – this clinic goes deep!
  • Animal Communication – 10am-5pm – cost $120 – Find out what they are saying… and learn to dowse at the same time!

Week long training

  • Horse Training Week Want to learn to train horses? We train YOU to train your horse. We’ll train horses daily over 3-4 weeks in the Spring or Summer. Cost to join us with a horse one week $ 350. If you are leaving your horse with us for all 3-4 weeks, a different rate applies. All are welcome and horses in any phase of their training can benefit from those just starting out to finished horses.
  • 4-H Horse camp and Horse show boot camp – 4-H members and those interested in showing from anywhere in Atlantic Canada are welcome to attend!

Reiki classes (these classes travel well if there are 7-14 students interested):

  • Usui/Holy Fire II Reiki level 1 – this class runs from 9am-5pm, costs $175 to attend and includes William Lee Rand’s excellent and comprehensive level 1&2 Reiki manual.
  • Usui/Holy Fire II Reiki level 2 – this class runs from 9am-5:30pm and costs $225 if you already have William Lee Rand’s manual. Please add $25 for the manual if you do not. This class can be taken immediately after the Level 1 class if desired.
  • Usui/Holy Fire II Reiki level 3 (Advanced Reiki Training or ART) and Reiki Master (Master-Teacher) – You must wait at least 6 months between Reiki level 2 & ART/Master, and can teach Reiki after taking this class – the class runs from 9am-5:00pm over 3 days. Cost to attend is $975. The class used to be able to be broken up into a level 3 and Master course, but my teachere, William Rand has asked that they be taught together now because even if a person is not ready to teach, they can truly benefit from receiving Holy Fire which takes 3 full days to integrate into our energy (it is so huge and does so much) and is only offered at the Master level. William says if a person is ready for the Usui Master symbol, they are usually also ready for Holy Fire. Please note, a person is not expected to be perfect to study at the Reiki Master level, we never “MASTER” Reiki, instead at the Master level, we allow Reiki to master us. Although the cost of the class can be prohibitive, the benefits outweigh it – as in addition to the personal healing and guidance provided by the Holy Fire, if you choose to give treatments, they improve dramatically with the addition of this new level and if you choose to teach you can. It should be noted that I NEVER intended to teach when I went to England and now have well over 100 human students and at least that many animals. Many of us don’t think we will teach, but once we continue on our healing and journeys with Holy Fire Reiki, that changes! This class is magical and life changing for all who attend!
  • Holy Fire II Karuna Reiki® Master – this class runs from 9am-5pm over 3 days and is an advanced Reiki course for those who are ready for their frequency and healing ability to go even higher. The cost to attend is $975 and includes a Holy Fire Karuna Reiki Master manual. You must have been an Usui Reiki Master (from any lineage) for at least 12 months prior to taking this class. You are able to both use and teach Holy Fire II Karuna Reiki® after taking this class.
  • Usui/Holy Fire II level 1 Reiki class for children is designed for children under 10 years of age. Older children tend to get more from the full length class. Cost: $225 for 1 adult and 1 child. For each additional child, please add an additional $50. Adults are able to attend a full length Usui/Holy Fire II level 1 class afterward at no additional charge. Children and Reiki are natural partners as children intuitively understand the subtle energy of Reiki. With the many pressures children face today, facing them with Reiki as a tool can be so very helpful. This class is open to parents and children interested in studying level 1 Reiki. It is important that a parent and child attend together so that the child has support with their Reiki. The Child Reiki class is 3-4 hours in length and is usually offered in an afternoon.

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