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Usui/Holy Fire II ART and Reiki Master-Teacher class (levels 3&4)

May 28 @ 9:00 am - May 30 @ 6:30 pm


Usui HolICRTassociatesLogo4y Fire II ART & Reiki Master-Teacher class (Shinpiden)

9:00 am – 6:30 pm

Please bring a lunch, a journal, a water bottle and a pair of slippers.  Pre-requisite of Reiki 1&2 from any lineage, (but classes must have been in person – internet or distance classes are not acknowledged) – at least 6 months before the ART/Master class

COST:  $975

What is Holy Fire Reiki?   In January 2014, a new energy, Holy Fire presented itself to my teacher, William Rand.  This was a more refined energy and contained a higher level of consciousness than Reiki had previously contained.  The attunement process was replaced with an ignition process where the energy no longer needed to lower it’s vibration to pass through the teacher, but instead interacted directly with the student.  Because of this, the system became easier to learn and yet works better than any healing method we had been aware of to date.  Holy Fire energy is passed on at Master/Teacher level or level 4.  In the winter of 2016, the vibration of the Holy Fire Energy rose again, and was dubbed Holy Fire II.  Nothing was taken away from the traditional Usui Reiki Master teaching, but Holy Fire.  The addition of Holy Fire brings the ability to burn up byoki or negative ki and release malefic spirits or entities that are not compatible with the client’s path of development.  Holy Fire can also purify.  These are the first steps of healing.  Holy Fire then further promotes healing by strengthening the physical body and helping it come into balance and restoring the emotions, mind and spirit.  Holy Fire works on the core of our being.  It empowers, bringing vitality and confidence along with feelings of safety, peace and a wonderful feeling of being loved.  It provides direction to ensure we are firmly on our life path and even works spontaneously as we need it, continuously working to purify, heal, empower and guide us.  It is an incredible addition to Usui Reiki.  Read more about Holy Fire Reiki here:  www.reiki.org/holyfire.html

Are you ready?  The Reiki Master level was traditionally taught as one class by Mrs. Takata but several years ago, my teacher, William Rand and several other teachers broke up the Master level teaching, so that those who did not want to teach, could still receive the Master symbol for their healing work by studying level 3 Reiki or Advanced Reiki Training (in our system).  Because it now takes 3 full days to receive the full benefits of Holy Fire and because Holy Fire energy is incredibly beneficial and it only available at level 4, William has asked that we go back to teaching ART and Master/Teacher together.  He said if someone is ready for the more advanced energy of the Master symbol, they should consider that they are also ready for their Master/Teacher course and the really advanced energy available with Holy Fire.  He also said no-one has been disappointed with the Holy Fire energy or course and indicated that even if a person does not want to teach, they will gain a lot from this energy and so should consider it.   Although it is a big step, the benefits are incredible.  Not only the benefits to each of us personally when we take this course, but it should be remembered, that our practice will be elevated so that we can provide more for our clients.  And we are also ready at this step to teach if we choose.  Many people are not ready to teach and do not want to at first. But once the Holy Fire and Usui Master energy work to heal us, we change our mind.  In fact, I did not want to teach humans when I first studied Reiki, I only wanted to work with animals.  But the experience of becoming a Reiki Master is so powerful and healing, I left the course knowing that I wanted to share that healing and feeling with others and so would teach.  So although the cost of the course may be prohibitive at first, the income that is often available afterward more than offsets this.

What do people say about this course?

“I was drawn to do the Holy Fire Reiki Master class after having the name “Holy Fire ” appear to me on several occasions. Wow I wish I had done it sooner! The energy is so amazing!  It feels like you are standing in a “Holy Fire”! It is an amazing journey! Pam is an awesome teacher! It was 3 full days of learning and lots of time to practice . She makes everyone feel comfortable and welcome! Truly a wonderful experience!”  Marcia an Usui/Holy Fire II Reiki Master and a Holy Fire II Karuna Reiki® Master
“When I heard about Holy Fire Reiki I knew I had to take the class and signed up for the first one Pam taught. I can’t say that the class felt much more memorable than those before (I was a master/teacher already) but the energy of Holy Fire is so intense yet gentle. Calming yet incredible. Treatments on myself are so soothing yet I feel do so much more. Treatments on others are stunning. I had taught classes before I took Holy Fire from Pam but teaching the same levels since Holy Fire has been incredible. The Holy Fire classes seem to give level 1 students much more than before Holy Fire when I teach. Really mind blowing in comparison. I can’t recommend Holy Fire enough.” – Phillipa – an Usui/Holy Fire II Reiki Master and a Holy Fire II Karuna Reiki® Master
“I would highly recommend Holy Fire Reiki classes with Pam Allen-LeBlanc. I was Blessed to take the Holy Fire Reiki Classes last February with three other incredible women. Pam is very Gifted and an amazing healer!! On the second day we stayed late and did a process where we remove entities or negatives forces from people and places etc. My daughter suffers from Manic Depression and she has heard voices for over thirty years. In about 20 mins with the help from the group and Pam, we removed an entity that had been torturing her all those years. It breaks my heart that she suffered so very much but I am eternally gratitude to Pam and the other ladies for releasing the Demons she was dealing with. Also the 20 minute meditation that can be done calling in Jesus and Angels I had great success with. Anyone who feels called to be a healer would greatly benefit from going to Pam.” Susan – an Usui/Holy Fire Reiki Master
“I thoroughly enjoyed the powerful ART, Holy Fire I & II Master courses with Pam and even though it’s long since the classes, Pam still remains an approachable and supportive teacher.  Holy Fire II was like being given a super-power which I now find myself using in every aspect of my life (not just for healing). As examples, I Holy Fire phone calls, food, parking spots, stressful situations, creative endeavors and ‘outside of the box’ thinking.
Pam teaches to allow your ego and personal intentions to step aside for the greater good and I have learned how to embrace the outcome as it unfolds. How liberating and exciting is that!
Holy Fire II is a life changer. Pam teaches how to work with God, Jesus or the Holy Spirit. If you can think it, trust them, step aside and allow … profound and mind-blowing results usually follow.  Pam hosts small friendly classes where questions and laughter are encouraged. The atmosphere is warm, relaxed and the energy in the room is amazing. You can feel the changes in yourself occurring right then and there.  The icing on the cake is the Hidden Brook Farm Reiki Students Group and the wonderful energies of the Reiki-Shares hosted every Solstice and Equinox. I feel honored to be part of the Group.”  Grenville – an Usui/Holy Fire II Reiki Master
A little bit about my Reiki Journey.  I was first introduced to Reiki by a riding student who was also a level 2 Reiki practitioner in 2009 when I was having significant difficulties because of allergies that traditional medicine was not able to help me with.  Reiki helped and I was intrigued.  Intrigued enough to start my own studies – despite the fact that I am a scientist who always looks to scientific explanations first.  It was good that science and traditional medicine were unable to help me with my problems, or I never would have pursued my Reiki journey.  And for me, this journey changed everything.

Medicine could not help with my issues though, and Reiki treatments with my riding student really helped.  So I studied Reiki 1&2 with Reiki Master-Teacher, Ellen Hawkins in 2010.  I was amazed at how quickly Reiki took care of my allergy issues.  But in addition to that, Reiki brought so much more to my life.  Peace.  Understanding.  An overall feeling of well being.  It reduced the chronic pain I have experienced ever since a car accident in my 20’s.  It gave me more energy, but not a frantic, caffeine type of energy that I had been relying on, instead, Reiki provided a peaceful, loving type of energy to draw from and it seemed to make life flow more effortlessly.  Odd co-incidences started happening in my life.  They always had happened, but they became much more pronounced.  Ellen offered to attune my horses to level 1 Reiki and I noticed their health, vitality confidence and happiness increase as well.

In 2011, I studied level 3 Reiki with Pam Nadeau who predicted I would go on to study with the well known Reiki Master, Teacher, author and president of the International Center for Reiki Training, William Lee Rand in England.  As much as I wanted to believe that was true, it was highly unlikely.  I had recently started my own business, and after making a rather large investment in a riding arena, the economy took a hit, and financially, I could barely afford the Reiki 3 fee much less a trip to England and the cost of attending the Master course.

Pam Nadeau was right though.  An unexpected check arrived which was just $15 less than the cost of the class in England making me think that perhaps I was supposed to go.  It did nothing to quell my nerves though as I wondered if William would find me worthy of studying with him or studying the Master level of Reiki.  Fortunately, he did not send me home, and we have gone on to become friends and colleagues in the course of my work.  I am fortunate to have studied with William for 4 different Masters courses and learned a lot each and every time!  The first was my Usui Reiki Master class in Glastonbury (Avalon), England where our Master attunement took place in the Stone Circle of Stonehenge in May of 2011.  At that time, I really did not plan to teach.  People were difficult for me to understand and I struggled to work with them.  I came to realize that this is because I am an empath and draw in other people’s negative energy and emotions.  When I learned to use Reiki to clear myself regularly and to shield myself in certain situations, this dramatically improved.  I had never even heard the word empath before this, but now mostly teach students with this unique ability.  On my way home on the plane after having had the most amazing experience of my life (aside from meeting my husband and the birth of my children), I realized that I did enjoy people and had to start teaching them.  How could I keep this remarkable energy and opportunity to heal away from them?

I was recognized as Professional Member of the ICRT and taught my first Reiki class June 21 that same year.  In May 2013, I was ready to study Karuna Reiki with William in Glens Falls, NY  and was guided to go back to NY in April 2015 to learn Holy Fire Karuna Reiki.  While Holy Fire (which showed up on 2014) is difficult to integrate when you first study it, as it is SO large and so powerful, it is absolutely effortless to use and well worth the time it takes to integrate.  During the winter of 2016, William shared Holy Fire II with those of us who were already Holy Fire Reiki Masters.  Once again, the vibration of the energy went higher, beyond anything I thought possible here in the physical world.  In an effort to understand the changes better, I went to Boston in the Spring of 2016 and studied the Usui Holy Fire II Reiki Masters course with William and am currently enjoying using this extremely powerful energy in my work.  We have been fortunate to have achieved success with a variety of diseases such as cancer, PTSD, concussions, allergies, thyroid issues, auto-immune diseases, etc.  And we have also had tremendous success with surgery recovery, stress reduction, overwhelm, burn-out, etc.  The list goes on and on and is too lengthy to mention here.

During the course of our work, and after discussing the approach with William in England, we developed a rather unique approach with animals.  Ellen helped me see that animals often wanted an attunement/placement so that they have their own Reiki to work with and after she attuned my horses to level 1 Reiki, I noticed a huge difference in them.  As an animal communicator myself, I understood that my horses were not unique.  Many animals wanted and benefited from receiving Reiki attunements themselves.  I did not realize this was such a unique approach until William asked me to write an article on our work for the Reiki News Magazine in 2013.  Although I was incredibly nervous and intimidated to write this article, “Horses That Heal” was published in the Fall issue and took our approach around the world.  I received incredible feedback from animal owners, veterinarians, doctors and laypeople.  With anything new however, humans are usually resistant to change. And so while the majority of the feedback from this approach was positive, a few well known Reiki Masters were very public in criticizing the approach, causing me to ask the horses their opinion.  And fortified with that, when William asked if I would like to respond with additional articles, I was game.  Since then, we were published in the Fall 2015 issue with “Reiki Animals part 1”, in the Winter 2015 issue with “Reiki Animals part 2” And the Spring 2016 issue with “Receiving Reiki from Reiki Animals”.  This article was recently quoted by veterinarian, Dr. Keith Weingardt in Colleen Benelli’s Reikichat!  He said it changed the way he practices Reiki in his veterinary practice!  I love it.  We were then published in the Summer 2016 issue with “Reiki, Horses anbd Autistic Children.  Our first 3 articles were recently published in a book entitled “Reiki Animals”  We feel to blessed to be in a position to bring this important work to the world.

If you are thinking of taking this class, feel free to sign up below.  If you would like to experience Holy Fire Reiki prior to taking the class, sign up for a Reiki treatment prior to taking the class. 

The Usui/Holy Fire II ART and Reiki Master class brings Reiki to a new level with the master healer and Holy Fire symbols and energy.  The class is taught in accordance with William Lee Rand’s curriculum which also includes Japanese Reiki techniques.  This class can be studied when a person is guided to study it – but participants must have had at least 6 months at level 2 Reiki (from any lineage) prior to studying this.

Sign up for this class now, email pam@hiddenbrook.ca

To pay for this class, please send an email transfer to the address above, bring a check or cash to the class.  I can also accept Visa and MasterCard through my square.

Or if you wish to pay with PayPal please click here:  Preview Image

Generally, once you sign up for the class – and especially once you pay, your energy starts to shift to get ready to move to a higher frequency so if you experience brief health issues, emotional or physical discomfort, please be aware that it is your body shifting.

For a bit more information about Reiki, check out our Hidden Brook Reiki brochure or the article Shop Fredericton published on us in February, 2015 available below:


Before you attend a class, you can prepare for the Reiki attunement if you would like it to go as deep as possible with some of these ideas:  PreparingforaReikiAttunementJun2011

Finally, before you attend a class here are a few things you should know:

Please bring a journal to the class.  Something nice and even new – that you like writing in if you wish to signify a new beginning with a new journal.  Reiki works in such a wonderful but gentle way that although it changes your life a day at a time, it’s a great idea to try and chart your progress and to begin with the class.  Please also bring a bottle of water- it’s important to stay well hydrated throughout the day.

Fruit, herbal teas and fresh water will be available throughout the day.  As energies shift, we tend to be really hungry – and thirsty!

You can do a few things to help the Reiki and Holy Fire energies go “deeper” into your consciousness if you wish.  This is not necessary – but does facilitate a more powerful use of the energies if you choose to observe the guidelines.  Take 2-3 days prior to the class as a technology free time if possible.  Refrain from computer and TV use and do not listen to the news or read the newspaper.  If you can eat whole foods and eliminate caffeine and alcohol too.  And if you really want to detox prior to the weekend, Mrs. Takata (who brought Reiki to North America) has a juice blend she mixes up and drinks – with one 2” beet, 1 Tbsp watercress, 2 stalks of celery, 1 med. Carrot and 2 cups purified or spring water.  If you have Reiki already – you can send Reiki into this mixture prior to chopping it at high speed in a blender.  This blend is supposed to purify the blood and detoxify the liver, gallbladder and lungs – but caution should be used with it as it is a powerful detoxifier.  My Reiki Master, William Lee Rand recommends drinking small amounts and waiting for an hour or more to see how your body responds to it.  I drink this mixture occasionally – and it is powerful.  I can generally only drink about 1/3 of the mixture per day.

I look forward to sharing the gift of Holy Fire II Reiki with you!


A few Reiki photos from left to right:  1) The symbol for Reiki 2) Dr. Usui – the founder of Reiki 3) Dr. Hayashi – an early Reiki Master 4) Mrs. Takata – brought Reiki to North America 5) my Reiki master, William Lee Rand 6) My Reiki class from Stonehenge 7) sharing Reiki with a horse and 8) my Reiki lineage

Picture8   Picture21   Picture22   Picture23   William_Lee_Rand   group picture at Stonehenge   Fredericton-20120903-00111Reiki Lineage


May 28 @ 9:00 am
May 30 @ 6:30 pm
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