Meet Pam

Master Horsewoman: Hidden Brook Farm owner, Pam Allen-LeBlanc is an avid horsewoman with over 30 years of experience working with horses. She was an certified Pony Club coach while only in her teens but has since found that working with horses with natural horsemanship principles is a much healthier and effective approach. She has had the good fortune to meet and study under such Equine masters as Monty Roberts, Lenden Grey, Clinton Anderson, Mark Rashid, John Lyons, Guy McLean, Dan James and Stacy Westfall among others though perhaps her best coaches have been her mother, father and grandfather – all accomplished horsemen and horsewomen in their own right. And now that she can hear the horses, the horses themselves have become her teachers.

History and Business Career: After receiving a B.Sc. Agr from McGill University and an MBA from UNB and after a very successful career in government and then in business, a large contract was pulled from her employer terminating her employment but allowing her to follow her dreams of expanding her small horse business (Hidden Brook Farm) and studying energy work. The energy work was undertaken initially to help overcome her own health issues. But during her foray into the mysterious world of energy – she discovered that horses and energy go very well together and was absolutely amazed at what they can accomplish. She also uses essential oils to help support the energy work and the horses. She now works as a Reiki Master-Teacher and healer and a Master Horseman at Hidden Brook Farm in Durham Bridge, New Brunswick and blends her own line of essential oils, available at local health food stores and pharmacies.

Reiki Master: In May of 2011 Pam was blessed to work with one of the most famous and respected Reiki Masters in the world (William Lee Rand) in Glastonbury, England and to receive her Reiki Master attunement in the inner circle of Stonehenge, becoming a Reiki Master-Teacher. Then in May 2013, she went to Glens Falls, NY to study with William Rand again. This time, she studied an advanced form of Reiki developed by Mr. Rand known as Karuna Reiki and became a Karuna Reiki Master-Teacher. In May of 2015, she once again went to Glens Falls, NY, this time to study Holy Fire Karuna Reiki with William Rand. She is simply blown away by the power and effectiveness of this new Holy Fire energy which has recently become known through William Rand and which animal LOVE. In 2015, the Holy Fire energy upgraded or went higher, so Pam headed to Boston this time to learn more about it, studying for her Usui/Holy Fire II ART/Reiki Master-Teacher class. You can learn more about Holy Fire Reiki here: Holy Fire Reiki

She now gives Reiki treatments and teaches Reiki classes, both of which have a profound effect on people’s health and well being. And sensing a void, she began offering Reiki classes to children and performing Reiki placements for animals as well. You can give Reiki treatments to animals, but with William’s guidance, we determined how to give animals the ability to run Reiki energy themselves with tremendous results for the animals involved. In the 2013 fall issue of the Reiki Magazine, William asked Pam to write about her experience attuning animals, and her work became known around the world! In fact, Pam and her horse Storm were thrilled to find themselves on the cover of the magazine! You can read their first article here: Horses That Heal. Then in the fall of 2015, her article Reiki Animals was featured in the Reiki News Magazine. And in the winter magazine, Reiki Animals 2 was featured. All three of these articles can be found in the new book “Reiki for Animals”. Two more articles were published in the Reiki News Magazine – one about Receiving Reiki from Reiki Animals and Reiki Horses Autistic Children.

Essential Oils: We decided to get into essential oils after a horse at the farm lost a foal and went into a great depression. Essential oils seemed to be one of the only routes open to us to help her. It took a tremendous amount of research, but eventually, we felt confident enough to offer her oils – and she came around beautifully. In fact, we started using oils on the horses and the people of the farm regularly with great results and then began carrying our own line of oils from a respected source so we could be certain to have therapeutic grade oils at our disposal. The oils were so effective for horses, we expanded our lines for people and have come up with some wonderful blends. Our oil blends are available from this website, at Aura Foods in downtown Fredericton or at PharmaChoice in Fredericton Junction.

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