Riding Lessons

Although Instructor, Pam Allen-LeBlanc was formerly a classically trained Pony Club instructor, studied Dressage and grew up showing Draft Horses, she has since discovered Natural Horsemanship, Holistic horsemanship, Animal Communication, Reiki and energy work with horses and has worked hard over several years to learn as much as possible about this innovative and effective approach. She began studying Monty Roberts’ (the original horse whisperer) techniques. This was followed by formal instruction from cowboy and noted natural horseman, Kevin Crane. Then Parelli, John & Josh Lyons, Buck Branaman, Clinton Anderson, Mark Rashid and Stacy Westfall left their impression. Sally Swift, Dr. Miller and Linda Tellington Jones among others have also had something to offer to our lessons. And more recently, she has met and trained with Mark Rashid, Guy McLean, Dan James, Jim Masterson, Susan Harris and others.

Riding lessons at Hidden Brook Farm are quite different from traditional lessons. The relaxed, low pressure atmosphere seems to be the perfect learning environment for most people. Lessons currently cost $35 per session plus a once per year insurance fee of $30 which is due in March or whenever you start riding with us. We do require a commitment to a lesson spot, and payment is due whether or not the student can attend a particular session. If the instructor is unavailable or the weather makes the roads difficult no payment is necessary. With our lovely riding arena, lessons are rain or shine, winter and summer – and we hold lessons on the trail whenever we can. In very cold or very hot weather – an indoor lesson (in the house) will be offered with a series of informative movies designed to exponentially increase your knowledge of horses. Lessons are 90 minutes long.

We ride bitless, barefoot and bareback. Our riders gain excellent seats and are known for their understanding of the psychology of the horse. Most of our students find their weekly lesson with us “therapy” as our “Reiki horses” work to reduce their stress and there is something to be said for that. Especially as the horses we use in lessons are all incredible animals and are Reiki masters which means they are able to share Reiki with their students if they choose. You can download our liability form here: Equestrian Activities Waiver and Release of Liability.

There are a few some openings in our riding program at the moment. It is possible to bring your own horse to lessons as well. Please let us know if you wish to join us by emailing pam@hiddenbrook.ca or text 506-260-6213.

Lesson Times ($35 weekly commitment required)

  • Thurs. 6:00pm Energy and Lightworker’s group (1 spot available)
  • Fri. 3pm – little kid and retiree lesson (1 spot available)
  • Fri. 4:30pm beginner/intermediate class (1 spot available)
  • Fri. 6pm – Asperger’s class (beginner/intermediate) $35 (Available again April 1)
  • Sat. 9:30am advanced riders class (1 space available)
  • Sat. 11:00am beginner-intermediate/green horse (2 spaces available)

For lessons, students must wear a CSA approved riding helmet (available at NorthStream Farm Tack Shop or Shurgain on the Exhibition grounds), long pants and a riding boot with a heel. Lined jeans (with stretch) or lined breeches and winter riding boots are recommended in the cold weather along with thermal or wool socks (not cotton).  Snow or wind pants are not recommended as they are too slippery.  A warm mitten or glove with grip is also good in winter.

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